2019/20 Consultant Accounting Spreadsheet

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We’re pleased to announce that our new 2019/20 financial year accounting spreadsheet has launched.

Designed for self employed UK Slimming World consultants, the free spreadsheet helps to work out your income and expenses. The tool has been enhanced for this financial year, but still retains some of the key features from previous years.

  • Automatic calculations from your monthly PFS document
  • Easy to input additional group cover
  • List your expenses each month
  • Annual calculations of your total income, expenses – and profit/loss

Best of all, it remains free to download, and can be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page.

The spreadsheet only works with Microsoft Excel 2003 and later – it will not work with Ability Office due to the way in which calculations are made. You can buy Microsoft Excel online.

Spreadsheet Download


Additional Services

MalgraBooks provides simple and easy accounting services. Our friendly team can run your business accounts for you, and even submit your SA100 Tax Return.

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