Live Chat

Live Chat is another way to keep in contact with our friendly team – just click the coloured bubble to start chatting!

Live Chat is available on all MalgraBooks websites and allows you to chat direct with our friendly UK Based Team.

The service works on our Free Tax Guide and our main website.

If you’re a MalgraBooks Client, you can also access Live Chat from inside your Client Portal. If we’re chatting to you, we can guide you through the different screens and reports – and answer any queries you have.

Although our Live Chat is available 24/7, our team do need to rest(!)

Where possible, during daytime hours, we aim to reply straight away, but during busy times or if we’re not around, our intelligent chat system will ask for your email address to allow us to get back in touch with you – we aim to do this within 24 hours in most cases.


Since 2013, Malgra was setup to support self employed Slimming World Consultants, and although we do provide premium services, we still aim to help those who are not our clients.

We do recommend that non-clients post within our Free Facebook Tax group which was setup to allow conversations between other consultants and our trained team – this way, everyone gets help too.

However, we are happy to answer queries when we can – our team are not here to pressure anyone into using our services, but we’ll provide links to relevant guidance or help where we can.

Our Live Chat, and our website do attract charges which currently MalgraBooks absorb. You may find advertisements on our websites, which supports this.

MalgraBooks Clients

If you are a MalgraBooks Client, we will prioritise your chats over those from non-clients as part of our service to you. However if we’re not around, we’ll reply to you by email, as a priority.

Our Live Chat runs over our secure server – any information provided is encrypted and kept secure.

If you have any feedback on our Live Chat, please visit the Contact page – or let us know when you’re chatting to one of our team.