Simple and easy accounting

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Let’s face it, tax might not be the most exciting thing about running your own business, but it’s a very important detail which you can’t miss.

Self Employment means you’re the boss – but at the same time there’s a lot of ‘plates to spin’ as you manage your business single handed.

That’s where MalgraBooks comes in. We’ll manage your business accounts, and provide you with the information you need to satisfy the tax man. What could be simpler?

How does it work?

Step by step - our service

Possibly the simplest part – collate all of your expenses for the month and add them onto a simple table for us to process.

For your income, we just need a copy of your monthly PFS Documents, usually saved as a PDF or image.

Simply login to your Client Dashboard (see below) and upload your documents to our secure server.

Alternatively, you can email them direct to our team for processing against your account. It couldn’t be easier!

Our team will process your transactions against your account, ensuring compliance with HMRC rules for self employment, and provide you with a monthly report showing your income and expenses.

Our reports are very in-depth, and provide explanations along the way as to how calculations have been made and what these mean for you.

We’ll prepare the final figures for your tax return, based on HMRC guidance and rules for self employment.

With our Premium package, we’ll even submit your self assessment tax return for you direct to HMRC.

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Your Client Dashboard

We know you’re busy, so that’s why we’ve developed the Client Dashboard just for you. Everything about your account, your documents and reports – all in one place.

Got a query? Chat live with our team or send a message. Want to look at your latest report? Head to your secure storage. Ready to send us your latest expenses? Do it online, in less time than it takes for your latte to arrive.

You can access the dashboard using your laptop or tablet computer, anytime and anywhere.

Want to have a peek? See the demo of our Client Portal!