MalgraBooks Premium

Our Premium Package includes all features of our standard package, but also includes submission of your SA100 Self Assessment Tax Return to HMRC and premium support.


  • Annual price: £199
  • Split the cost: You can also pay for your package by Direct Debit – MalgraBooks Premium is £35.99 for 6 months*

*Monthly instalments are only available for the current financial year.

The full accounts package

Our Premium Accounts Package allows you to keep a log of your business expenses and income each month using our advanced spreadsheet system, with additional guidance along the way through monthly reports and checks of your progress to date.

The Premium Accounts Package also supports other employment (e.g. if you have additional employment as well as consultancy), and supports Team Developers with this income/expenditure processed as part of your package.

Our team will also provide final SA100 Tax Return figures for you, and if you have any queries, our premium support by email and phone will keep you in the know.

Need only part of the year?

Our packages can be pro-rata for the period you need. So if it’s only for 6 months that you need the package, our team will adjust the pricing accordingly. Get in contact and we’ll help.

Have any queries?

Our friendly team are here to help. Contact us and discuss any queries you may have with our service, how it works.. or just for a chat!