Your account is moving to MalgraBooks Essentials

Great news! We’re ready to transfer your account to our MalgraBooks platform, providing you with the latest features and compliance for your business.

Your recent email will contain the date when you’re scheduled move and we’ll be in touch closer to the time when we’re ready for you to finalise the setup of your account.

This page provides some background to the changes and what you’ll find as a MalgraBooks Client. If you have any queries, do get in touch with our friendly team.

MalgraBooks provides everything from your Plus account – and more!

We appreciate that change isn’t always good, but we want to assure you that the move to our new platform is designed to future-proof your business as we continue to develop our offering to consultants.

You’ll still have access to your current benefits, be ready for Making Tax Digital – and receive any future upgrades or features in the pipeline.

We’ve brought along…

  • Our popular news articles
  • Tax Knowledgebase (Guide)
  • Group Directory – Marketing for your group!
  • Facebook Tax Group will remain active
  • Faster and easier to use website
All features are here
We've spent the summer transferring our Malgra Plus features fully into our MalgraBooks platform, so you'll find everything we provide in one place
Making Tax Digital Ready
This is the key driver - and we're ready. Our system is connected to HMRC and ready to provide real-time-information on your business through MTD
The cloud is still here
Your cloud spreadsheets and data comes with you - and future spreadsheets for new financial years will be waiting too.
We're a friendly bunch
Have a question about your account? Our team is here. In fact there's probably a bubble at the bottom of the screen right now. Tap and send us a message!
Client Portal Image

You’ll get access to our Business Dashboard, keeping everything in one place

We developed our Business Portal several years ago, and it’s designed as a one-stop-shop to access your business files on the go.

Want to add expenses at the end of group, or even check your details when out and about? You can!

You’ll also have direct access to your HMRC Record for Making Tax Digital (MTD) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). This means you can track your submissions to the tax office, and receive notifications when they’ve been processed.

Want more from your account? You can also upgrade to our Advanced or Premium service online.

So what’s next?

  • We’ll be in contact on the day of the transfer to confirm that your details are all setup and ready to go.
  • The email will contain a personal link to start the setup process, and once ready, you’ll be able to view your account and access the core features.
  • Our system works in the background to connect the final bits, and that’s it – you’ll be live on our new platform.

In total, it takes around 5 minutes and we’re up and running.


Any questions? Drop our team a message.


And on behalf of all of our team, welcome to MalgraBooks!