ProRata Options

Information on prorata options

MalgraBooks provides services to help self employed Slimming World consultants who need to complete a tax return where they have started or finished mid-year.

This page provides details of how to purchase the package relevant to your needs, depending on your personal circumstances.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly UK based team!

Why choose MalgraBooks?

  • Simple, easy to understand terminology
  • Reminders to keep on track
  • Cloud storage for your documents
  • Manage your account online, anywhere worldwide
  • Help and support from our UK based team
  • Spread the cost by monthly Direct Debit

Definition: Financial Year

The background to the financial (or fiscal) tax calendar has been changed several times over the past few centuries – partly to do with different countries having their own calendar systems.

However the last major change to the UK Tax calendar was when we changed to the Gregorian Calendar in 1752, and finally in 1800 when the treasury moved the start of the UK tax year to 6 April each year.

Therefore, tax years run from the 6 April – 5 April each year (for example, the 2017/18 tax year is 6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018). As HMRC works to tax years, our packages follow the same coverage period too.

FAQ: ProRata Service

Not all self employed businesses start on the 6 April, therefore we can adapt our packages to your self employment start date accordingly, saving you money on the full purchase price.

For example, if you started your business in October 2017, and only need coverage for the period from October 2017 – March 2018, we would prorata any package fee to only cover the 6 months where the business was operational.

Note: The minimum chargeable prorata period is 4 months.

Our website currently only allows purchasing of full financial years.

Please contact our friendly team with details of your package coverage needs and we’ll be able to quote this for you.

For previous years, we accept payment by credit or debit card through our online processor.

We may be able to split the cost by direct debit – however all payments must be made before submission of the tax return. Where the submission deadline is close, we allow payments in 3 monthly instalments.

Please contact us if you’d like to pay in instalments.

You can purchase a service for this financial year using our normal website, and can choose to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Direct Debit.

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