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At a glance look at our Standard and Premium packages

Designed exclusively for non-VAT registered self employed Slimming World Consultants, our packages are designed to manage and complete your tax responsibilities for record keeping.

Looking for a simple solution to getting your accounts in order? Our Standard Package is designed to provide you with a business overview and number-crunch through your income and expenditure to provide your final SA100 Tax Return figures for submission to HMRC.

Our Premium Service goes one step further – with support for medium-larger sized groups, Team Developer support and finally at the end of the year – we’ll submit your Tax Return for you.

On both packages, you can split the cost by monthly Direct Debit, or pay in one go – our packages are designed to be flexible.

All packages run from 6 April – 5 April each financial year (to align with HMRC dates).

If you started your business during the financial year, please click here to view our ProRata service and we’ll be happy to reduce your package price accordingly**.

  •   Spread the cost - Direct Debit
    You can now pay for your package through the year by Monthly Direct Debit!
  •   Number of groups
    One group = maximum 3 sessions. Additional groups can be added to your package
  •   Additional groups
  •   Simple expenses upload
    Expenses are completed on a simple spreadsheet, and uploaded through the Client Account section of our website, or by email.
  •   Easy PFS Document Submission
    Submit your PFS by email direct to our team for processing!
  •   Secure Online Storage
    View your documents on our secure European-based server - secured with the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  •   MalgraBooks Mileage Tracker
    Track your mileage with our convenient mileage booklet which keeps in your car!
  •   Monthly reminders to submit data
    Don't forget to keep on track with your record keeping! We'll email to remind you to send details to us periodically!
  •   Monthly checks of your accounts
    Our team will check your eligible items against HMRC Guidance
  •   Monthly reports of business
    Receive a monthly update of your business, based on your submitted documents
  •   Postal annual reports and documents
    Includes welcome pack, quarterly reports and annual report
  •   Support for other self employment
    Have another self employed role? We can include your income/expenses from other SE jobs.
  •   Support for other employment
    Have a paid (employed) job as well? Just provide us with your P60 and we can include the figures in your SA100 return.
  •   Suitable for Team Developers
    Team Developers - You can submit details of your income/expenses for TD activity, and add them to your tax return
  •   Self Assessment Check by our team
    Our team will check over your tax return before submission, to ensure compliance
  •   SA100 (Self Assessment) Submission
    Our team will submit your SA100 Self Assessment Tax Return on completion of your accounts
  •   Voucher for the Malgra Online Store
    When purchasing an annual payment option (not monthly payments), a free voucher for*
  •   Help and Support
  •   Spread the cost - Direct Debit
    You can now pay for your package through the year by Monthly Direct Debit!


  • Available
    Payment is by Direct Debit
  • 1 group (up to 3 sessions)
  • £25 per group
  • Annually
  • £29.99 additional fee
  • £10.00*
  • Email / Live Chat
  • 6 payments of £25.99
    Payment is by Direct Debit


  • Available
    Payment is by Direct Debit
  • One or More Groups
  • Included!
  • Monthly
  • £20.00*
  • (Priority) Email / Live Chat
  • 6 payments of £35.99
    Payment is by Direct Debit

The (not so) small print:

  • Annual Reports: Standard package has electronic statements/reports. These can be added as an upgrade within the Client Dashboard when you have chosen and completed payment for your account.
  • For Premium packages, paper hardcopy versions are included in the price.
  • * Voucher available when package is paid for in one annual payment. Not available if package is purchased with monthly instalments, or on pro rata purchases.
  • **Pro rata is subject to a minimum 4 month period.