Our Roadmap

A ‘roadmap’ is a plan to show how a product or service is likely to develop over time.

Here, we share things that are coming up, and what you can expect to see in the coming months.

Want to contribute or suggest something? Get in touch and we’ll let you know when items are ready in ‘beta’ to test.

Coming Soon

  • Accounting Spreadsheet for Ability Office
    Expected: [On Hold]

[update 30/05/19] Development has ended and this will not be delivered. Instead, our teams are working on MalgraBooks Online (information below)

We’re currently developing a simple spreadsheet for Ability Office (Slimming World Laptop users). Bringing the principles of our full, free spreadsheet to Ability isn’t as straight forward, but we’re working on it!

  • MalgraBooks Online

We’re currently in the development stage of our new online accounting system for consultants. This will replace our free spreadsheets, and allow consultants to complete their own accounts online. Details of the new system are available here.

We anticipate the system will be live in late 2019.

Now Available

  • Sunday Webinars – Intro to Tax
    Arrived: December 2018

As requested by consultants, we’ll soon be launching a number of webinars – especially in the run up to the self assessment deadline in January. These are expected to be run in our Facebook Tax Group.

  • Change your Direct Debit date online
    Arrived: November 2018

If you currently pay for your MalgraBooks service by Direct Debit, you can now change the date online for your direct debit. Within your Client Dashboard, head to the ‘Direct debit’ section and choose ‘change my direct debit’ and follow the prompts!

  • Upgrade your account (Standard to Premium)
    Arrived: September 2018

We’ve launched the ability for you to change your package within the Client Dashboard. If you’re a MalgraBooks Essentials or Advanced client, you can now upgrade to MalgraBooks Advanced (now called “Standard’) or Premium online.

  • Spreadsheet support for Ability Office (Clients Only)
    Arrived: September 2018

MalgraBooks Clients can now use their Ability Office (Installed on Slimming World Laptops) for uploading details through Client Portal on our managed plans.

  • Upgraded Website and Client Portal
    Arrived: August-October 2018 (stages)

August: All clients are now on our new Portal system

October: Our new main website (with cartoon images/animations) is now live