Welcome! You’ve been redirected from a legacy page within the Malgra Network to our MalgraBooks Service. This replaces previous services operated by Malgra.

Welcome to MalgraBooks!

Supporting self employed consultants since 2013

We’ve been providing a range of services to Self Employed Slimming World consultants for many years, from our tax knowledgebase to accounting software and spreadsheets.

In 2023, HMRC are introducing new accounting requirements for the self employed, and our current Malgra Plus service will need to change to meet these new essential obligations.

As such, we’re going to be transitioning our Malgra Plus service over to our managed service, MalgraBooks.

This page provides background to the change, and how these changes will affect you, as well as details of the new Malgra service.

What does Making Tax Digital (MTD) mean?

Making Tax Digital (or MTD) is a major step in HMRC’s plan to “make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs”.

However, in a nutshell, it means that from April 2023 all self employed individuals will need to keep digital records of their business income and expenses – and report quarterly to HMRC about their business (in addition to a final annual tax return).

What will happen to my Malgra Free or Malgra Plus account?

Malgra Free and Malgra Plus accounts don’t currently offer the features which MTD requires, but our MalgraBooks service currently does. 

However our MalgraBooks service does require enhanced checks (on both individuals and the business) to allow us to run your accounts and comply with HMRC rules on AML.

As such, we’ll be moving our Malgra Plus membership over to a new service called MalgraBooks Essentials, with additional options for members to choose from if they wish to enhance their service further.

Malgra Free Accounts will be closed.

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*figures as of 17 July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

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I currently use paper / Malgra Accounts books – does this affect me?

All records are required to be held digitally from April 2023, so we’ll be ending publication of our printed Accounts Book.

When will Malgra Free / Plus close?

Malgra Free and Plus will remain in place until the end of the current year, through our Malgra.net website.

We’ll then be moving Malgra Plus into MalgraBooks for the 22/23 year, and then ready for MTD services from 23/24 through MalgraBooks Essentials.

Why is Malgra saying 31 December 2022 when MTD starts in April 2023?

Experience over the past few years of business has taught us that it’s best to be prepared instead of waiting until the last moment – especially when preparing business accounts and financial information.

We’re setting an internal deadline of 31 December 2022 to ensure all background checks are done on new clients and that their accounts are setup on our systems.

What are the ‘background checks’?

Under the terms of MalgraBooks’ Agent setup with HMRC, we’re required to complete background checks on all clients in line with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

To ensure we’re ready for a larger number of clients joining us, we’re wanting to ensure these checks are completed as soon as possible to avoid any delays completing your business accounts.

Will I be moved to MalgraBooks automatically?

Current Malgra Plus members will remain on their current service, and change to MalgraBooks Essentials for 22/23. You can find out more through your dedicated page here within your Malgra Plus account.

I’m planning to move to another provider / accountant

If you’d like to move your Malgra Plus service to another provider, you can download copies of your current cloud spreadsheets and personal reports from the current Malgra Plus website.

Note: Your new provider will need to have support for MTD through an electronic medium as part of HMRC’s new directives.

You can choose for your account to expire at the end of the current membership period by following these steps.

When your account expires your data will be deleted – click here for more information.