Premium Package

Our Premium Package is designed for busy consultants  – you’ll find all features of our Essentials and Advanced packages included, but we’ll also help our with data entry of your group details, provide easy to use forms to collate additional information about your business, and provide ongoing monthly reports to help understand your business better.

This package also includes preparation of your SA302 Tax Summary, and once complete and signed off, we’ll also submit your SA100 Tax Return direct to HMRC.

Key Features

Secure Cloud Accounts
Access your cloud based accounts anywhere you are, just add your expenses and any shop income to our simple form - and upload your PFS Document for our team to process
Monthly Reports
Monitor the progress of your business each month - we'll send you a report with full details of your account and check against HMRC Guidance along the way
Tax Return Submission
At the end of the financial year, we'll prepare your SA302 Tax Summary and SA100 Tax Return ready to be sent to HMRC electronically
Tax Knowledgebase
``Can I claim for..`` - search our tax knowledgebase for answers to common questions, with minimal accounting lingo, and examples tailored to consultant life
Supports other income
Have another job role (employment) or business (self employment)? No problem - we'll include these figures on your calculations for you, ensuring the correct tax is calculated
Priority Support
Keep in touch with our team directly by email, telephone, live chat and even video calls. You'll also be invited to our regular webinars - and receive a priority response

Next Steps

If you’ve any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

MalgraBooks Premium

Annual Price: £270

Instalment Pricing: £45 for 6 months

For our MalgraBooks Premium package, you’ll have a two simple forms to complete each month with details of any purchases you’ve made and any income received (such as through Shop Sales).

You can then upload this document – along with your monthly PFS Document – through your dedicated Client Portal and our team will do the rest, providing you with a report to confirm your overall business position each month.

Yes – on our Premium Package, you can provide information of additional self employment (we’ll provide a different but still easy to use document) to register your income and expenses for this additional role.

For employment, we’ll need a copy of your P45 / P60 at the end of the financial year – this is for when we prepare and submit your tax return on your behalf.

We’ve invested in our systems over the past few years to provide more features than ever before –  and we’re ready for MTD.

At the end of the quarter, you’ll be prompted to check your final figures before they’re submitted electronically to HMRC to comply with the MTD service.

As part of our Premium Package, we’ll prepare your final SA302 Tax Summary and Calculation document showing the total amount of income and expenses for the year.

Once approved by the client, we’ll then prepare the SA100 Tax Return – and once confirmed, we’ll submit electronically to HMRC on your behalf.

You can contact our team directly by email or through our regular webinars.

We’ve also a live chat feature on most pages where you can speak with a member of our UK Based Team.

Premium clients can also reach our team by phone or video call.

For the current financial year, you can pay by recurring credit/debit card over 6 payments for any MalgraBooks service.

Please contact our team, either through the bubble at the bottom of the screen, or through the Contact page at the top of our website.